Your GP Cluster Services

GP Clusters are a consortium of GP Practices situated in a close geographical area.  They look at local health and wellbeing needs and issues.  They explore what can be done to improve health and wellbeing in its community, within their working capacity. Clusters work collaboratively with a range of health, social care and voluntary sector professionals.   

Clusters will: 

  • Focus on preventing ill health, enabling people to keep themselves well and independent for as long as possible.
  • Develop the range and quality of services that are provided in the community.
  • Ensure services provided by a wide range of health and social care professionals in the community are better co-ordinated to local needs.
  • Improve communication and information sharing between different health, social care and voluntary sector professionals.
  • Facilitate closer working between community based and hospital services, ensuring that patients receive a smooth and safe transition from hospital services to community based services and vice versa.
Here are some of the services patients can access in the Penderi Cluster:-

Swansea Bay University Health Board (SBUHB) Community Networks
There are 11 Community Networks across the SBUHB Health Board area. The size of the network varies but in general they cover 30,000 to 50,000 local residents.
The Penderi Cluster Team
Dr D Sartori is the GP Cluster Lead, and each practice has it's own GP Lead and Management representation.
Mrs S Thomas and Miss K Morgan are Managers who also Cluster Business Management Support.
Mrs D Morgan Cluster Development & Planning Support Manager, Swansea Bay University Health Board.
Mr Tony Kluge, Cluster Development Manager, Swansea Bay University Health Board.